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Harmy's Despecialized Edition 1080p Hdtv
Harmy's Despecialized Edition 1080p Hdtv

harmy's despecialized edition 1080p hdtv


Harmy's Despecialized Edition 1080p Hdtv >>




















































Harmy's Despecialized Edition 1080p Hdtv



well done. Thanks. Author Liam2319 Time 14-May-2016 5:00 PM Yeah i understand how difficult it was and if I was put in that situation i would have to use gout. Shaw his eyebrows back (probably not) and I'll try to partly despecialize the Sarlac: But I'm not sure if that'll work. SORRY BUT I AM NOT THE LOCAL INFO BOOTH. PASS: harmy How to play Despecialized Edition V2.5 on a PS3 if you dont have a BD burner v2.5 AVCHD info: **The AVCHD version contains the latest versions of the preservations of the original audio mixes (the original 70mm six-track was recreated by hairyhen, the original stereo mix was captured from LaserDisc PCM and fixed up by hairyhen and the original mono mix was restored by Belbucus from a VHS recording), an isolated score (also hairyhens latest version) and four different commentary tracks. He did because thats what was available at the time. The result: Despecialized Edition Remastered looks even better. .So, there are two BUTs to this: 1st BUT is the version: It is not a recreation of the theatrical realease but only a partly despecialized version, i.e. LANGUAGES INCLUDED English Brazilian Portuguese Polish Swedish English SDH European Portuguese Ukrainian Bulgarian Mandarin (Simplified) Indonesian Romanian Finnish Mandarin (Traditional) Japanese Croatian Danish Cantonese French Thai Hebrew American Spanish German Dutch Norwegian Castilian Spanish Turkish Hungarian Slovenian Arabic Korean Czech Icelandic Russian Italian Greek More info here: AVCHD Technical Specifications: FORMAT: AVCHD DISC (ISO) SIZE: 7.9GB (DVD9) VIDEO: 1280x720p H264 23.976 fps AUDIO: (all Dolby Digital) Special thanks to hairyhen, Schorman, Puggo and Mavimao TRACK 1) 5.1 1980 mix 640Kbps TRACK 2) 2.0 1980 mix 224Kbps TRACK 3) 1.0 1980 16mm mono mix 112Kbps TRACK 4) 2.0 Isolated score 224Kbps TRACK 5) 1.0 1993 LD Audio Commentary 64Kbps (silence filled with 1993 LD 2.0) TRACK 6) 1.0 2004 DVD Audio Commentary 64Kbps TRACK 7) 1.0 2011 BD Archival Interviews Audio Commentary 64Kbps SUBTITLES: (Project Threepio) Special thanks to CatBus English [eng] (pgs) Chinese [chi] (pgs) American Spanish [spa] (pgs) Castilian Spanish [spa] (pgs) Arabic [ara] (pgs) Russian [rus] (pgs) Brazilian Portuguese [por] (pgs) Japanese [jpn] (pgs) French [fre] (pgs) German [ger] (pgs) Turkish [tur] (pgs) Korean [kor] (pgs) Italian [ita] (pgs) Polish [pol] (pgs) Ukrainian [ukr] (pgs) Dutch [dut] (pgs) Hungarian [hun] (pgs) Czech [cze] (pgs) Greek [gre] (pgs) Swedish [swe] (pgs) Finnish [fin] (pgs) Danish [dan] (pgs) Norwegian [nor] (pgs) ORIGINAL 1st POST: OK, since Im now done with the ROTJReconstruction, Im officially starting work on the PARTLY DESPECIALIZED EDITION v3.0 and since this project will be quite different from the previous versions, I decided to call it just DESPECIALIZED EDITION and start and new thread, in order to avoid confusion.


I'm making this mostly for my own use and I'm quite satisfied with the results, I only wanted to share it with anyone who'd be intrested, I'm not pretending it to be a professional work. In addition there are 5 different audio tracks. 2017 reddit inc. Author EyeShotFirst Time 19-Feb-2011 1:07 AM That is really amazing. IF I GET A PM WITH A QUESTION, WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN ANSWERED THROUGH THESE MEANS, IT WILL BE IGNORED. Quote Report . Author Darth Lucas Time 14-May-2016 4:55 PM But that has nothing to do with ocd. Even if they were never uttered in the films themselves, these words had a gravity to them. And for a whole new generation who will experience it for the very first time.The 1995 release, unchanged but for the remastered THX audio, was dubbed "The Original Star Wars trilogy on last time." That was true enough--Special Edition followed two years later, and those who will never forget the original trilogy have fallen into a cycle of disappointment and dismay with every subsequent re-release.


Quote Report IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DESPECIALIZED EDITIONS, PLEASE READ THE FIRST POSTS OF THESE THREADS, WHICH HAVE UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION: SW, ESB, ROTJ, 97SE RE-ED IF YOU DONT FIND WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR THERE, TRY ASKING IN THE APPROPRIATE THREADS - MOST REGULAR POSTERS KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS AND SOMEONE WILL LIKELY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. This time he had the Blu-rays as a source, and he based an extensive color correction of the entire film off a very special fade-free technicolor print. Please don't think i am knocking what you are doing in any way at all, because i'm not. SORRY BUT I AM NOT THE LOCAL INFO BOOTH. Author Harmy Time 5-Apr-2011 7:01 PM Well, like I said a million times before, I don't think the matte-lines are faults and if I could return them all while keeping the HD quality, I would but that would be an impossible task. And also it will then be the same for the whole trilogy. It's a change that could be left in, because it doesn't really "change" the picture. For example that wampa cave shot is just under 1GB. THANK YOU.

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